I.T.WORKS! Changes the Game in IT Management. 

In today’s managed information technology culture, there are numerous problems to focus on when it comes to the shortfalls of IT Managed Services Provider (MSPs) – broken promises, no follow through, lack of proper expectations, not fixing issues at the root of the problem, additional charges unaccounted for, and the list could go on and on. On too many occasions, MSPs will take on a new client just to lose them the following year due to poor performance. Many MSPs give other MSPs a bad name and leave business owners wanting for real solutions to their IT management issues.

The fact is that some Managed Services Providers are very on top of IT issues, offering deep beneficial services to their clients, while others get paid and do minimal work to really support their clients. MSPs have different payment ideologies and tiered level options. Many will charge to fix an issue, or per project, and wait until they hear from a business when they have a problem. While other MSPs will proactively maintain technology, to keep it up and running all the time.

MSPs are known for offering a multitude of “plans”, something for every potential client. These “plans” may make it initially appealing to clients; however, different levels of service can result in longer wait times for lower tiered level clients, sacrificing business productivity for price. Other MSPs will offer both tiered and flat rate options, but if a pay per project client has a request, “Will this MSP turn down the opportunity to generate extra revenue?” and respond to their flat rate customer first? These are important thoughts to consider and could give you a crystal ball glimpse into your future relationship.

Unfortunately, not all MSPs are created equal.

We think all potential clients should ask an MSP “What is the best plan you offer? If an MSP can respond that all clients remain as important as the other, receiving the same level of service, without individual prioritizing – that’s a great answer! Price may be on the table right now, but will price be the first thought when dealing with consistent and problematic technology issues? No, it will be about the ongoing technology stress and reduced business productivity as you continue to pay for a mediocre service.

Technology must continuously work to allow businesses to be productive and profitable, PERIOD!

A client is experiencing frustration and needs IT help, or they would not engage in conversation with us. While they have their list of technology challenges, we need to understand the full scenario to solve their IT pain points. With over 23 years in the business, and successfully providing CLIENTS WITH WORKING TECHNOLOGY, we understand what hardware and software works best together and provides the safest environment.

As a reliable and versatile Managed Services Provider (MSP) backed with years of experience navigating all types of technology issues, our wide range of industry experience allows us to handle any problem, while providing new and improved technologies along the way. Diversity is our strength, as there is minimal learning to improve or evolve when the same process is applied each time. Something unexpected WILL always happen, it is just a fact.

Diversity builds stability- We are exposed to all types of technical challenges and know how to solve business technology problems.

I.T.WORKS! knows first-hand that technology is an investment and when it consistently operates, business is more productive and profitable. We minimize reactive responses and increase value for both parties. We focus on process, delivering standards and alignments that minimize reactive service issues. Changing the focus toward proactive IT management impacts business profitability; employees are up and running, clients meet deadlines, bid for jobs, deliver information to end users, collect funds, receive calls from prospective client and so on. Working technology removes business IT frustration. We unequivocally understand the true cost of keeping systems consistently up and running, and the expertise, technology and manpower required to make it happen. We also understand that downtime is enormously expensive for clients.

The benefits of CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY offer fewer issues (i.e. “tickets”), less reactive time, increased work time, efficiency for your team, and less stress. Time is spent working instead of hours wasted on the frustrations of technology problems. There are no lost opportunities, and team members spend their valuable time on their core competencies.

Our mission will always be to provide clients with CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY, available how, when and where clients want it.

At this level, this is where the exclusivity of our offer shines. We go beyond traditional MSP service offerings. I.T.WORKS! Five Service Areas deliver consistently working technology to clients:

We start with a strategic plan. I.T.WORKS! Virtual Chief Informational Officer (vCIO) creates this plan incorporating conversation of desired business growth, in conjunction with technology needs. This cultivated plan provides a solid foundation for businesses technology success. Vital quarterly meetings allow us to identify and strategize for all business technology needs and desired business growth. Just as your business will have a five-year plan, business technology growth and budgeting should be part of technology conversations to ensure success. Having a process in place for growth, with proactive and intentional planning, ensures business technology is regulated and controlled.

Project Team Engineers create the strategy around the implementation of onboarding new clients, as well as new technology to support client’s business goals. They will monitor to ensure the process is smooth and completed according to I.T.WORKS! comprehensive set standard protocols. They will also resolve escalated tickets.

During this onboarding transitional time and beyond, Support Team Engineers will respond to all client needs to help with any issues that may arise. They will resolve issues thoroughly or escalate them to a specialist, always setting realistic expectations.

During onboarding and beyond, the Automation Team Engineers work behind the scenes to ensure backups are being run at least daily, and confirming those backups actually work. Remote tools are installed allowing the team to work proactively and personally monitor backups, patch software that ensures technology is safe, secure, and in compliance. This initiates the technology view from 30,000 feet, to make certain things are as they should be. Clients may notice some short-term discomfort while we “pull off the Band-Aids” and apply proper maintenance practices, followed by a noticeable and dramatic improvement in how technology is working. Many times, we’ve uncovered that it may have been months, or even years since technology systems were properly updated and secured.

Technology Administrator Engineers conduct routine check-ins with clients to ensure everything is working well for business technology needs. This closely monitored technology partnership allow businesses to create a solid relationship with a single dedicated team member, and encourages ongoing conversation regarding technology needs, as business demands change and shift. This relationship also enables us to evaluate technology risks and communicate these risks to clients. Technology Administrators will also train client’s on-site regarding software updates, user vulnerabilities and best practices regarding cybersecurity. These monthly and in person visits are imperative to implementing our process, and keeping systems in alignment and employees operational.

I.T.WORKS! offers a unique service unparalleled in the industry – it is NOT the same service as other MSPs. Carefully examine what others MSPs offer, and the details around the offering, because the details matter.

I.T.WORKS! is unique in our set of processes, standards, and focus of proactively maintaining client’s technology.  What does this mean for our clients? Dedicated team members PROACTIVELY install all software and hardware updates, upgrades, and patches as part of NORMAL service offering for clients. We have also completed these tasks manually when required, to ensure clients technology is current. Technology that is always current resolves problems prior to becoming an issue, provides the best safety protocols as viruses penetrate old, out-of-date, unpatched software, and delivers CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. This is more than a list of “items”, it’s part of the core of who we are, it’s part of our culture. Everyone on our team is focused on getting it right the first time, and setting the technology, and you, up for success.

Many MSP’s will say upgrades, updates, patches are completed, but it is not always the case, and their number of service tickets and the number of proactive versus reactive full-time people (hint, there should be more proactive people) will speak volumes to this fact. An MSP buried in tickets lacks the proper discipline needed to keep business systems safe from malware or keep technology up and running. Clients waiting to have tickets resolved is downtime for employees, we strive for just the opposite. We proactively resolve technology issues and aim at ZERO tickets. Our mission is not to reactively FIX technology issues, it is to provide CONSISTENTLY WORKING TEHCNOLOGY, our only acceptable standard. Rather than asking “how fast can you resolve issues” which everyone will respond “fast”, ask how many tickets they have per person they support, per month. Anything higher than a quarter of a ticket per person, is WAY too much (if they don’t know, it’s another red flag as it’s not important for them to improve it). They may be able to close a lot of “tickets”, but that also means they HAVE a lot of tickets to close (hint, we don’t want things broken in the first place).

We guarantee proactive maintenance is being completed and show reporting to this fact. Our low-ticket levels speak volumes to the fact that proactive maintenance is occurring.

In addition to all our proactive efforts, physical monitoring is essential. The ONLY way backup works effectively is if a designated person is checking it every day, without fail, because their job is to ensure the backup is running consistently. Effective backup requires somebody physically watching, checking, and chasing down errors. At I.T.WORKS!, we monitor each morning to ensure our clients’ backup is functioning.  It is very important to know the backup is happening and that it can be physically verified, so a real-time backup is readily available when needed. Your backup plan is only as good as the strategy of your MSP and the integrity of their company. Many MSPs make the mistake of assuming backup is consistently running and depend exclusively on reporting. However, reporting is not always accurate, without actual verification for something so important, doesn’t always mean backup is truly working.  Ask yourself, will you sleep better each night if you KNOW your backup is working rather than just HOPING it is?

Clients need to walk into work and focus on business, not worry if technology will work. Just as you walk to your car every morning and expect it to start, not hoping it starts. There is confidence it will start; we view technology the same way.

I.T.WORKS! delivers IT management proactively and charges an all-inclusive flat monthly fee.  This all-inclusive flat monthly fee encompasses costs for all related technology services and anticipatory management, allowing businesses to plan for total yearly expenses. Within that all-inclusive flat fee, updates, patches, strategic planning, projects, (new, add, move equipment, or change software) and break-fix service are included. In most cases, if you can think of it, it is covered. Costs for our team members to work successfully and proactively for all clients, are built into our business model. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when taking on a client. This dedicated team (that’s a lot of brain power) can strategize best practices for unique technology and business models. Clients do what we recommend because we have repeatedly earned their trust, they know we have their best interests first. We will take the time to discuss and evaluate all desired growth and process, prior to making recommendations. Our goal is to go above and beyond and provide each client with what we consider to be our only end goal and highest standard, consistently working technology.

Our clients expect us to deliver superior results and WE DO!

Finally, we treat clients like family, genuinely want to help, and know we can. When clients are new with us, they can’t comprehend technology consistently working. Our current clients will ONLY accept CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. We love this change in perception of what is acceptable. We do not require long-term agreements but have RETAINED clients year after year. We successfully build long-term relationships.

We are an exceptional Managed Services Provider with a unique mission, consistently delivering the best benefits to our clients– CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. Clients don’t see it in the day-to-day interworking’s of their technology, they experience it in the results.

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