I.T.WORKS! Business IT Education Program (BIT)

The I.T.WORKS! Business IT (BIT) Education Program’s mission is to provide relevant, vital, and usable IT education to small and medium sized businesses as a FREE SERVICE that gives practical IT guidance for direct application to your business and employees.

This service is available to clients and non-clients alike, as
we desire to truly make a difference and train as many businesses as we can.

We are launching our “Cybersecurity – Everything You Need to Know, But Don’t Want to Hear” training designed to address the specific needs of small to medium sized businesses in all aspects of cybersecurity. These businesses are the most at-risk market segment and do not generally have the infrastructure and vigilance capability to thwart cyber intruders. Attendees will be trained in best practices to avoid and stay ahead of cybersecurity issues. Click below to register for desired training.  


For more information, please contact Heather at 508.375.6444 or email harrascue@itworks.us.com.

I.T.WORKS! Changes the Game in IT Management!