Managed IT

What Questions Matter in Choosing Managed IT Support

How fast is a support call call response?  How fast are your fix times?   What kind of software is being used?   What are your support call Numbers?

We get these qualifying questions all the time in initial meetings and while we realize business owners need to understand that we offer cutting edge software, malware, backup, and security.  We respond to technology needs immediately with 24/7 support and staff answering the phone.

However, so many more considerations should be involved in choosing a managed IT support company.  They all look alike on paper, offering the same things.  What do you look for to set them apart?

What about all products working together, all the time?  What about uninterrupted service?  What about dramatically reduced support calls because everything is up and running the way it should?  What about the fact that proactive maintenance is the key to lowering your risk of ransomware?

What about focusing on questions that offer the greatest impact to your business technology?

Let’s try these important questions:

  • Will you be running updates on all systems and hardware? How will I know this is done regularly?  Can you provide me a monthly audit to show this?
  • Will important data be backed up? How will I know this is done, and ready to be restored in case we need it?
  • What steps are taken to prevent ransomware? What happens if we get hit with ransomware, and what steps are taken to recover?
  • What downtime should we plan for if we lose a server?
  • Do you bill for onsite work?
  • What are your helpdesk hours? What happens if we need service after hours?
  • What rate do you bill for projects? Do service fees vary depend upon project?
  • Can you provide an audit report on Cyber Security threats?

I.T. WORKS offers a proven proactive approach to technology management, that increases business productivity, and delivers technology solutions that will improve profitability.  With 23 years in the managed it business; we currently support over 2,500 users with a 99.9 average client uptime, and an average client duration of 11 years.

We have the answers to managed IT and the tough questions that matter, feel free to reach out and ask.