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Budget and Plan for Total YEARLY IT Costs

I.T.WORKS! has a different pricing plan than other Managed IT Service Providers.  We have a unique all-inclusive flat rate that includes all projects and services.  What does ALL-INCLUSIVE include?  EVERYTHING!

The fact that we do not charge per project or by the hour, is a little unheard of.  We know, we hear it all the time and it is very different from the industry norm.  Our only goal is to deliver consistent working technology, this means that all projects and service must be included in our pricing, because that is our standard.

We unequivocally understand the true cost of keeping systems consistently up and running, and the expertise, technology and manpower required to make it happen.  Costs for our team members to work successfully and proactively for all clients, are built into our business model.

The benefits of consistently working technology offers fewer tickets, less reactive time, increased work time and efficiency for your team.  It is significantly more expensive for clients to be down and not working. Reducing and removing reactive responses increases value for both parties. There are no lost opportunities, and team members spend their valuable time on their core competencies.  That is, because of our unique business model, it is in our best interest to keep you up and running (a proactive approach). Other Managed IT Service Providers continue to desire service calls at an hourly rate (a reactive approach).  That is their business model and not in your best interest.

Technology is viewed as an important investment by our clients, not just an expense, spending less over time and getting more out of it.  Clients can plan for actual yearly IT costs.  One price, the same high standards for all clients, no prioritizing.

Our goal is to make your technology work for you when and how you need it, always within the planned budget and always on time. 

We are open and look forward to answering questions, feel free to reach out 508.375.6444