New, Add, Move & Change

The entire premise of business is to profitably provide a product or service – and to grow.  From a technology standpoint, the growth will result in new software to run your business, the setup of new employee computers, larger backup requirements, additional printing needs, higher capacity internet speeds etc.…   Many businesses work with a Managed IT Company to perform tasks associated with information technology and to ensure that projects are completed correctly so that employees can focus on their core missions.

These “NEW, ADD, MOVE AND CHANGE” projects typically result in charges at an hourly rate from a managed IT company, because that is the standard reactive business model and how they make money – they charge (by) project.  The pay (by) project structure bills per service or response issues and varies in price. This schedule makes it impossible to plan for yearly technology needs because IT problems and projects arise all the time, therefore, costs can end up higher than anticipated and budgeted.  These higher costs negatively impact business forecasts because actual costs cannot be anticipated.

I.T.WORKS! offers a unique IT management approach to your business. 

I.T.WORKS! delivers IT management proactively and only charges an all-inclusive flat monthly fee.  This all-inclusive flat monthly fee encompasses costs for all needed technology services and anticipatory management that allows businesses to plan for total yearly expenses. Within that all-inclusive flat fee, updates, patches, strategic planning, projects, new, add, move, change and break-fix service are included. Costs for our team members to work successfully and proactively for all clients, are built into our business approach.

With our unique approach to IT management, we anticipate issues and solve problems in advance to keep you up and running consistently (a proactive approach). It is not always in your best interest to pay an MSP for service calls at an hourly rate (reactive approach).

We unequivocally understand the true cost required to providing a solid and reliable IT infrastructure and the importance of keeping systems consistently up and running, and the expertise, technology and manpower required to make it happen. We also understand that downtime is enormously expensive for the client.  These forward-thinking, anticipatory IT management strategies are at the heart of  our business structure.

We aim to do things right, at anticipated costs, and always go above and beyond.

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