Change your Passwords

As an IT solutions company, I.T.WORKS! is always trying to create awareness around best practices and protocols. Passwords can be seen as an inconvenience; we all want to access everything quickly and easily. For this reasoning, most allow sites to save passwords, which is a massive security risk. Team members are trying to get so much done, so fast, and the fear of losing time because of a forgotten or changed password causes delays. But diligence with password security is crucial. These changes will help deter what could potentially be a major security breach.

To keep your passwords and access safe, please consider ALL these options. Together, they will provide the best protection against having your personal information stolen by bad actors and protect your system and workplace from getting hacked.

  • Change passwords regularly
  • Do not save passwords
  • Do not use universal passwords.
  • Use 2 factor authentication

Passwords need to be unique, long, and complex. Long Passwords are harder to crack. See Password Strength Test for guidance on best practices.

Hindsight is 20/20, you might not be able to undo what has been done, and the best way is to avoid it completely, is to take the extra time and engage in safety protocols. The easier you access information, the easier time a hacker will have accessing all your links and saved passwords.

Please take the advice of an IT solutions company that truly cares. Do not bypass safety policies for ease of use, they are in place for a reason, PROTECT YOURSELF AND BUSINESS FROM SECURITY ISSUES.

Please call us if you have questions or wish to have a conversation, we look forward to it.