Managed IT Services

Our team of talented, professional, and friendly IT support specialists are one-of-a-kind in their commitment to our clients’ success. Because our managed IT services model offers unlimited IT support for a predictable flat rate (which includes all projects at no extra charge), our clients know and trust that we have their best interests in mind. Our signature approach prevents IT issues before they surface, secures IT systems before they become vulnerable, and plans for technology upgrades ahead of time so you stay on budget.

What This Includes

Technology Alignment

Monthly on-site visits by your dedicated Technology Administrator who evaluates your technology and provides you with a score of overall health. This proactive role ensures that your technology is aligned with your business goals, as well as our battle-tested standards and best practices, empowering your company to become better, faster, and stronger.

Automation Team

Staffed by individuals with a remarkable attention to detail, this team oversees all of your remote maintenance. Patching, anti-virus, and backups are done to ensure that your environment remains protected from ever increasing industry threats, providing your business with 24/7 peace of mind.

Dedicated CIO

Your dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) works with you to understand your business and develop a technology plan that aligns with your goals.

Projects Team

Enjoy headache-free IT projects with our experienced Professional Services team, enterprise-grade strategy, and proven processes for IT service delivery.

IT Help Desk

More than just a help desk, our IT services team provides 24/7 infrastructure monitoring on top of instant IT support from friendly, patient engineers.

IT Consulting

IT projects done right. We know IT consulting engagements and IT projects are notorious for devolving into chaos, dragging out forever, and going way over budget. That’s why I.T.WORKS! has spent the past 25+ years developing a team of great people with enterprise-grade strategy and proven processes that can execute IT projects with minimal disruption to your business. Our IT projects come with clear expectations, a dedicated project manager for handling logistics, and a standardized process that leverages our deep bench of experienced IT consultants. Plus we don’t charge for projects – it’s simply part of our service.

What This Includes


We don’t charge extra for your IT projects. It’s all covered. You get the very best value and our full time and attention, without having to worry about the meter running.


Migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, deploy Microsoft 365 for your business, get your new office up and running quickly. Whatever you need, we do it.


Eliminate worries about the latest cyber threats by assessing your cybersecurity and business continuity posture according to NIST standards.


Periodic technology audits are a critical ingredient in making sure your IT environment is fully optimized and not costing you money unnecessarily.

Managed Cybersecurity

In the face of growing cyber threats, all organizations need an ongoing cybersecurity program. One-time cybersecurity projects like installing anti-virus software or setting up firewalls are important, but they only protect one piece of the puzzle. A robust cybersecurity program that can protect your business from ongoing threats should answer three central questions:

  1. How secure is our business today?
  2. What is the appropriate level of cybersecurity for our business?
  3. How can we improve cybersecurity practices to meet business objectives?

Our signature I.T.WORKS! cybersecurity services cover everything.

Cloud Solutions

Revolutionize your business. Supercharge your team’s mobility while eliminating the hassles and risks of doing IT the old way. Whether you’re looking to migrate your entire server infrastructure into the cloud or simply revolutionize productivity with cloud email, file-sharing, and collaboration, we have a solution for you.

What This Includes


Unleash your team’s productivity by taking advantage of robust cloud-based tools for collaboration, mobility, and unified communications.


Secure critical company data in Microsoft’s world-class cloud environment and leverage security tools like encryption and single sign-on.


Only pay for what you need, when you need it: easily scale your business without having to rebuild or update technology infrastructure.

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