How Do You Choose The Best IT Services For Your Company?

Lower First Cost? Hourly Charges? Types of Software? Support Call Numbers? Years in Business?  What About Choosing BETTER RESULTS at the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership?

As businesses, we have goals, follow our mission, and have niches where we excel.  The same is true for I.T.WORKS!, we are not a fix-it-when-it’s-broken type of IT services company, we are keep-it-up-and-running and avoid reactive stress style company.  WHY??  Because everyone ‘strongly dislikes’ STRESS and CHAOS!! We want our client’s technology to work for them, all the time, so they can get more work done and be more productive and profitable.

We speak with so many companies that cannot imagine their technology consistently working, whenever they need it, how they need it.  They honestly do not believe us.

We love proving them wrong…

Imagine your systems up and running without issues, does this sound strange to you?  Do you anticipate an issue is imminent?  Are you accustomed to your current IT Services Provider fixing issues to meet today’s requirements?  Are they band-aid fixes to keep things running until they break again?  Is it more expensive and frustrating for your company to be down and not working?

We genuinely want to help clients and we know we can, removing reactive responses increases value for both parties.    We focus on process, delivering standards and alignments that remove reactive service issues.  Changing the focus toward proactive growth that impacts business profitability; employees are up and running, clients meet deadlines, bid for jobs, deliver information to end users, collect funds, receive calls from prospective client and so on.  This is when your technology becomes an investment.

Technology is an investment and when it consistently operates for you.   Your business is more productive and can be more profitable.

Is this something you would choose?

Choose results that benefit your company.  Choose results that make your business more profitable. Choose the results that lower overall technology cost and stress.  Choose BETTER RESULTS!

We are open and look forward to answering questions, feel free to reach out 508.375.6444