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Why IT WORKS Does NOT Brag About How Many Calls the
IT Service Support Desk Can Manage.

The fact is that our support desk is there, if a client needs help, they are responded to immediately.  Not just during the hours of 8-5PM, but team members will answer the phone 24/7.  Our goal is not to put in an infrastructure that allows us to handle the most support calls, just the opposite.  We aim at ZERO!

Yes, let us say that again, ZERO. 

We manage client’s technology with proactive technology enhancements and anticipatory service, resulting in fewer support calls. This is our unique business model. If we are doing our job well, clients are up and running consistently without issues.

In fact, we are an IT service support provider receiving .4% support calls a month, including projects.  Industry average support call volume is 1.5-2% per month, without projects included.

What does this mean for our clients?  They are more productive and profitable, instead of losing efficiency due to unavailable IT.   They spend time working instead of hours wasted on the frustrations of technology problems.  “They can print the sales presentation needed TODAY”.   “They did not lose a bid because email was down”.  “They communicated with their client having issues”.  “They continue to sell tickets”. Etc.

Our client’s technology works, and that is our bottom line.  Technology is a great investment for our clients, not just an expense, spending less over time and getting more out of it.

We focus and pride ourselves on being successful at delivering consistently working technology.

We are open and look forward to answering questions, feel free to reach out 508.375.6444