Microsoft Windows 11 expected release date is October 20, 2021.  Security plays a big part in this new version, while cleaning up some of the clutter of the old interface.

It will feel very familiar to users of earlier versions of Windows, but where Windows 10 relied heavily on file menus; Windows 11 streamlines this functionality, using icons and fewer steps to complete a task. Microsoft has enabled connection to the Microsoft App store to bring more variety and will also allow access to Android Apps.

Look and Feel

The new Windows 11 interface is cleaner, less cluttered, and more intuitive than Windows 10.  Microsoft has pared down the number of icons and interfaces, streamlined the tasks most frequently used such as the system tray and control center, and provided easier access to wireless and Bluetooth settings. The overall interface is much simpler to use.





The control center is accessed by clicking on the gray area in the image above. It is designed to allow quick and easy entry to commonly used functions.



Under the hood Microsoft has responded to the need of increased security on every electronic device due to malware threats.  They have equipped Windows 11 compatible with hardware (available for purchase)  that manages the encryption/decryption process of all data on the drive, reducing read/write cycles that shorten the life of the drive. The isolation of processes in virtualized containers feature makes it difficult for malware to access resources it should not, because the unwanted program will be in a container that is set apart from the rest of the operating system.

Windows 11 now has checks and balances that validate running systems, including continuous checks on the integrity of your system’s memory, and have increased the security of the boot up process. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is the piece of hardware required for computers to utilize Windows 11 functionality. The TPM starts at the boot and firmware, offering an extra level of encryption security.   The firmware protection helps to ensure your computer is protected from malicious activity before the operating system begins to run.

Windows 11 provides external device protection, confirming USB sticks and other hardware are compatible with your computer.

With new features, a new look, and improvements across the board; Windows 11 promises to be an operating system that allows for an easy transition, with little adjustment. Users will enjoy an intuitive experience that provides a much needed increase in security and gain peace of mind.