Why it is necessary for Businesses to purchase Paid Enterprise Grade software?

There are numerous conversations taking place concerning Free vs. Paid Enterprise Grade software versions and the advantages of each.

Free software program:

  • Providers may not feel the need to solve users’ problems
  • Offer bare minimum level of protection
  • Free product can lack technical support
  • Toned-down free versions offer fewer features

Paid Enterprise Grade software typically includes support systems:

  • Regular upgrades
  • Responsive technical support
  • Quality documentation
  • Enhanced features
  • Improved security protocols
  • Better quality
  • Invested creators

If a business has information to safeguard, whether it be personal data, daily employees work, client information and financials and so on, it requires Paid Enterprise Grade software to protect it properly. There are areas to cut corners, however, not around protecting daily business operations or client personal information.

Businesses must keep their operations up and running so team members may be productive. With FREE versions of software there is no accountability from vendors. Regular updates may not happen to correct everyday issues or potential security vulnerabilities, leaving your technology exposed. In general, when it comes to software support systems, you get what you pay for.

Paid Enterprise Grade software will protect business operations and client information, to keep your business safe, reliable and productive.


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