I.T.WORKS! Five Service Areas Deliver Consistently Working Technology.

Our mission, as a technology services provider, will always be to provide clients with CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY, available how, when and where clients want it. This is where the exclusivity of our offer shines. We go beyond traditional technology services provider service offerings.

We start with a strategic plan. I.T.WORKS! Virtual Chief Informational Officer (vCIO) creates this plan incorporating conversation of desired business growth, in conjunction with technology needs. This cultivated plan provides a solid foundation for businesses technology success. Vital quarterly meetings allow us to identify and strategize for all business technology needs and desired business growth. Just as your business will have a five-year plan, business technology growth and budgeting should be part of technology conversations to ensure success. Having a process in place for growth, with proactive and intentional planning, ensures business technology is regulated and controlled.

Project Team Engineers create the strategy around the implementation of onboarding new clients, as well as new technology to support client’s business goals. They will monitor to ensure the process is smooth and completed according to I.T.WORKS! comprehensive set standard protocols. They will also resolve escalated tickets.

During onboarding and beyond, the Automation Team works behind the scenes to ensure backups are being run at least daily, and confirming those backups actually work. Remote tools are installed allowing the team to work proactively and personally monitor backups, patch software that ensures technology is safe, secure, and in compliance. This initiates the technology view from 30,000 feet, to make certain things are as they should be. Clients may notice some short-term discomfort while we “pull off the Band-Aids” and apply proper maintenance practices, followed by a noticeable and dramatic improvement in how technology is working. Many times, we’ve uncovered that it may have been months, or even years since technology systems were properly updated and secured.

Technology Administrator Engineers conduct monthly routine check-ins with clients ensure everything is working well for business technology needs. This closely monitored technology partnership allow businesses to create a solid relationship with a single dedicated team member, and encourages ongoing conversation regarding technology needs, as business demands change and shift. This relationship also enables us to evaluate technology risks and communicate these risks to clients. Technology Administrators will also train client’s on-site regarding software updates, user vulnerabilities and best practices regarding cybersecurity. These monthly and in person visits are imperative to keeping systems in alignment, implementing our process, and employees operational.

Finally, Support Team Engineers will respond to all client needs to help with any issues that may arise. They will resolve issues thoroughly or escalate them to a specialist, always setting realistic expectations.

We are an exceptional technology services provider with a unique mission, consistently delivering the best benefits to clients through our five service areas – CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. Clients don’t see it in the day-to-day interworking’s of their technology, they experience it in the results.