5 Benefits of Hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for
Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Are you a small to medium sized business?  Is too much time spent getting business technology to work so team members can be productive? Is one member of your team tech savvy and solves technology issues?   What if they leave, is there stress around that?  Would your business benefit with better technology support? What business costs are associated with downtime?

Keep your Team Members Working

If team members are involved in resolving IT issues, they are not focusing on their core responsibilities.  This results in businesses being less productive. An MSP provides consistently working technology that increases employee productivity and business profit margins.

The best technology is working technology.  With working technology, business gets completed, invoices get sent, tickets get sold, health officials have access, and grocery stores sell.   That is the point of business, to be profitable and to grow.

Receive Timely and Proactive Updates, Patches and Maintenance

Systems proactively need regular maintenance to ensure they run properly and securely. Technology is constantly evolving to overcome modern challenges.  This is a great advantage of working with an MSP, they deal with all updates, patches, and changes so work can be the focus.   They resolve issues at the root of the problem, know what products consistently work best together and provide insight and expertise around all aspects of technology.  This knowledge and expertise provide exceptional advantages to small and medium sized businesses.

Also, in addition to working technology, the attention to updates and patches, which includes verifying and reporting the fact that they are actually installed, will help protect businesses from malware, as malware penetrates old, unpatched software.  Thus, creating an overall safer technology environment for businesses.

Plan for Backup, Recovery and Security Risks

If a file is accidentally deleted, a power outage,  or server crash occur, reliable backup is a must.  Without a reliable backup, work is lost, projects are unaccounted for, and businesses must duplicate efforts to regain what is missing. Vendors will “remember” that money is owed, will clients “remember” their outstanding bills?

In the event of a malware or ransomware attack, team members are most likely not trained to identify what’s happening, nor are they prepared to stop an attack.  This is when your MSP relationship is imperative.  Number one, it reduces the risk of attack through proactive preventative maintenance.  Processes are implemented to identify a breach, enabling an immediate response.  Number two, they are the strategic partner at every step of the Disaster Recovery Plan, where the backup has already been confirmed working (so you have it when you need it) and is restored in as little time as possible, starting with the preplanned schedule that focuses on critical business applications and data first.

This relationship could be the difference in how long a response will take and improve business chances of recovering.  It is much better for small and medium sized businesses to have a trained partner (and team) in a ransomware situation, than to search for this partner after the attack has taken place. Options rapidly deteriorate as time passes following a breach.

Grow Business with Technology and Business Plans Aligned

Business plans should be part of technology conversations.  Technology drives business and it is important to have a process in place for growth, to ensure it is regulated and controlled. The ability to identify where and how growth will occur allows technology to grow with your business, and to budget, anticipating and maintaining real growth expenses.

Decrease Technology Response Time to Issues

Managed Services Providers (MSP), need to be prepared to respond to a client during regular business hours and beyond.  It is imperative that an MSP be available and reachable 24/7.  Especially, if business depends on technology over the weekend, holidays or the middle of the night, immediate emergency response is essential.  Emergencies strike at all hours and business depends on technology.

If you own a small to medium sized business and suffer with technology issues, but think you cannot hire a skilled MSP, think again.  MSPs proactively manage technology issues, reducing the need for businesses to be reactionary and keep employees working.  A team of experts will identify and resolve issues quicker and employees can speak to a technician any time of day. We see profit margins increase consistently with working technology.  Employees are actively working on their core competencies and that drives business profitability.

Small to medium sized businesses benefit enormously with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) relationship.  This technology affiliation increases safety, provides better working technology and drives business profit margins.  When I.T.WORKS!, Everyone works!

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