Productivity Thrives with Consistently Working Technology

What is Consistently Working Technology?

  • Systems are continuously running
  • Computers function without issues; print, email and get online everyday
  • Proactive IT maintenance applies upgrades, updates, and patches monthly, unless urgently needed sooner

What are the benefits of Consistently working technology?

  • Resolve IT problems prior to them becoming an issue
  • Fewer issues (i.e. “tickets”), less reactive time
  • Increase employee productivity and business profit margins

Our 5 Service Areas, Virtual Chief Informational Officer (vCIO), Project Team Engineers, Automation Team Engineers, Technology Administrator Engineers and Support Team Engineers, DELIVER Consistently Working Information Technology Through Proactive IT Management. IT Support Specialists PROACTIVELY install all software and hardware updates, upgrades, and patches as part of NORMAL service offering for clients. Technology that is always current resolves problems prior to becoming an issue, provides the best safety protocols as viruses penetrate old, out-of-date, unpatched software, and delivers CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. This is more than a list of “items” it’s part of the core of who we are, it’s part of our culture. Everyone on our team is focused on getting it right the first time, and setting the technology, and you, up for success.

As dedicated IT support specialists, we proactively resolve technology issues and aim at ZERO tickets. Our mission is not to reactively FIX technology issues, it is to provide CONSISTENTLY WORKING TEHCNOLOGY, our only acceptable standard. Rather than asking “how fast can you resolve issues” which everyone will say is “fast”, ask how many tickets they have per person they support, per month. Anything higher than a quarter of a ticket per person, is WAY too much (if they don’t know, it’s another red flag as it’s not important for them to improve it). They may be able to close a lot of “tickets”, but that also means they HAVE a lot of tickets to close (hint, we don’t want things broken in the first place).

The benefits of CONSISTENTLY WORKING TECHNOLOGY offer fewer issues (i.e. “tickets”), less reactive time, increased work time, efficiency for your team, and less stress. Time is spent working instead of hours wasted on the frustrations of technology problems. “Print the sales presentation needed TODAY”. “Do not lose a bid because the email was down”. “Communicate with a client having issues”. “Continue to sell tickets”, etc. There are no lost opportunities, and team members spend their valuable time on their core competencies.

Increase Employee and Business productivity, reap the benefits of your technology always working, and focus on your business core competencies.