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How Your IT Support Company Can Help Keep Technology Healthy

At one point in time, when you work in the technology field, you will come to the point of understanding that ransomware, malware and cyberattacks are never-ending.  You read report after report and cannot believe that if one attack was not bad enough, a second attack on the same effected people strikes, and you think, how can this be.  WHO COULD DO THIS??  WHY and HOW?  It is at that point, you realize, it is not going away and just getting worse.  And I am not writing this to scare or create stress within those reading it, I am writing in an honest way to say BE AWARE and INFORMED.   Not everyone wants to deal with it, but that does not mean it is going away.  Avoiding dealing with these issues is not a reasonable strategy.

The reality is, it is working for the threat actors, and it is too profitable to contain.  We need to deal with the attacks, we have no choice.  So, it is better to deal with it head on, rather than a from state of panic and loss.

We know the importance of yearly physicals; this provides a better opportunity to identify issues prior to becoming a larger problem.  We know we need to take care of our bodies, that there could be health risks in not going to the doctor, however, waiting until something is bad before going to the doctor and skipping all yearly visits, is not going to help you be healthier in the long run, just the opposite.   Just because you are not addressing the issue, does not mean it is not there.

It’s the same for technology.  Monthly and in-person Technology Audits are the  yearly physicals (as yearly simply isn’t often enough for technology).  Patching EVERY DAY is like eating healthy, it needs to be done every day or it leads to issues.  It’s also not just computers.  Just like you need food from the different food groups, your computers, servers, firewalls, switches, printers, and software all need “attention”. Penetration testing is like physical exercise, and backups are your Health insurance.

Proactive maintenance including updates, patches, and version upgrades keep technology running smoothly and decrease future risk factors.  Good security is symbiotic with good working technology.

Stop the increase of risk, minimize exposure, be ahead of it.  

 Malware and ransomware attacks are sporadic in nature, there is no rhyme or reason, and it makes it difficult to strategically identify and avoid.   If you think you are too small or irrelevant, time after time, these businesses are proven wrong.  Your business may be 6, 200 or 1,000 people. If there is an opportunity to attack, there will be an attack.  Hoping for the best will not thwart off an attack, and just because you have not been affected yet, does not mean you will not.

Owners will meticulously analyze the costs of their business, employees, insurance, and so on.  Continuously examining and understanding all aspects of your business is your job as an owner, however, technology is not always a focus and technology drives your business.  Businesses rely on technology to work flawlessly, and work stops without it.

Just understand that in this country, every 30 seconds – a technology attack of some sort is going to happen, whether you want to accept it or not, it is going to happen.  So PLEASE be aware and vigilant.

You might not be aware there is a shark under you in the ocean, but that does not mean it is not there.  You might not be aware a tornado is coming, but that does not mean it not coming.

The risk is constant, please be aware of the risk. 

Check in with your IT Support Company, just as you would attend your regular physicals!!  Listen to the advice they give, and keep your technology healthy.

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