We Invest in Long-Term Relationships.

We have no desire to take a client on, just to lose them.  Market statistics show that most IT companies will take on three new clients and lose two, within the next year, due to lack of performance, proper fit, hidden costs become too expensive, etc.  The client loses because they are once again going through change and technology stress.  No client wants to play “IT Roulette” – and neither do we!

Our philosophy is very different. 

When onboarding a new client, we invest substantial amount of time to understand all the necessary technology needed.   It is a strategic process; all teams work together in our beginning phase, to create a comprehensive strategy.  We audit all technology prior to formulating this strategy.  We then implement this strategy, maintaining focus on a final disciplined process.  All pieces are coordinated to ensure systems are operating according to our methodical, defined standards.  We help our clients not only plan for their needs today, but future growth.  The client’s business needs, and direction of growth, is a huge part of our technology implementation and nurture.

We focus on a meaningful long-term relationship.  This relationship is so important, that we will evaluate a client to ensure that we are the best solution for them, if it will be a relationship that will work.  Clients are like family; we treat them well.  Staff respond 24/7 answering the phone, we have gone to the aid of a client on weekends.   We have helped past clients who were not the right fit and moved onto another IT provider, in a moment of emergency – because the new provider could not or would not help them.

The I.T.WORKS! process is what matters most, how we go about taking on a new client, the painstaking efforts we go through to get everything running according to our long-term goal-oriented technology solution. We do things right the first time because there is no second chance to get it right the first time.  If the client does not believe we went above and beyond, we did not.  But we always do.

We always MANAGE CLIENT EXPECTATIONS. We deliver what is promised and more.  We are always on time. 

We are open and look forward to answering questions, feel free to reach out 508.375.6444