Business IT Support Services Cost of Ownership

I.T.WORKS! has a different pricing plan than other business IT support services.  We have a unique all-inclusive flat rate that includes all projects and services.  What does ALL-INCLUSIVE include?  EVERYTHING!

The fact that we do not charge per project or by the hour, is a little unheard of.  We know, we hear it all the time and it is very different from the industry norm.  Our only goal is to deliver consistent working technology, this means that all projects and service must be included in our pricing, because that is our standard.

We unequivocally understand the true cost of keeping systems consistently up and running, and the expertise, technology and manpower required to make it happen. We also understand that downtime is enormously expensive for the client. Costs for our team members to work successfully and proactively for all clients, are built into our business model.

We offer a different and ultimately lower cost way of doing a superior job compared to other business IT support services. This is why our clients love us!

The benefits of consistently working technology offers fewer tickets, less reactive time, and increased work time and efficiency for your team.  It is significantly more expensive for clients to be down and not working. Reducing and removing reactive responses increases value for both parties. That is, because of our unique business model, it is actually in our best interest to keep you up and running (a proactive approach). Other business IT support services continue to want service calls at an hourly rate (a reactive approach).

Backups are completed.   Systems are proactively managed and are better equipped to protect from ransomware and other cyberattacks.   Clients are more productive, making money instead of losing it.   Time is spent working instead of hours wasted on the frustrations of technology problems.  “Print the sales presentation needed TODAY”.  “Do not lose a bid because the email was down”.  “Communicate with a client having issues”.  “Continue to sell tickets”.  There are no lost opportunities, and team members spend their valuable time on their core competencies.

How do you measure the Total Cost of Ownership of consistently working technology? 

Warren Buffett says, “price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Our process of standards and alignment impact businesses profitability and create value.

Technology is more an important investment for our clients, than just an expense, spending less over time on business IT support services and getting more out of it.  Clients can plan for actual yearly IT costs.  One price, the same standards to all clients, no prioritizing.  We change the focus toward proactive growth that impacts business profitability.  This is when the value of your technology becomes an investment.

Now, what is the cost of better results?  There are NO COMPLAINTS about pricing when the job done right! 

We aim at ZERO tickets, because our mission is not to FIX technology issues, it is to provide CONSISTENTLY WORKING TEHCNOLOGY, our only acceptable standard. This is achieved through proactive IT maintenance.

Our 5 Service Areas DELIVER Consistently Working Information Technology Through Proactive IT Management. This unique proactive approach resolves problems prior to them becoming an issue, increasing employee productivity and business profit margins.

At I.T.WORKS!, we recognize that technology is a critical investment for our clients.  With I.T.WORKS!, clients can plan for actual yearly IT costs.  One price, the same standards to all clients, no prioritizing, EVERYONE, is important.

I.T.WORKS! requires NO long-term contracts, but has RETAINED clients for an average of 11 YEARS.  We successfully build long-term relationships. Our clients expect us to deliver superior results. WE DO!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, regardless if we work together, we feel a great conversation answers questions and provides clarity. 508.375.6444